Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Spectre-Online piece on Secularisation and The Rule of Law

Holy Roman Emperor Henry IV begs forgiveness before Pope Gregory VII at Cannosa. Relief at St Peter's Basilica Rome.

“God is himself law; therefore law is dear to him” Sachsenspiegel (Saxon Law) of Eike von Repgau, Early 13th Century

I'm very pleased to say that Spectre-Online are carrying a piece by myself on the historical context of secularisation and the Rule of Law. This was written in part as a response to the ideological battle being waged by the ruling powers over the place of religion in contemporary affairs which the maelstrom of ISIS and Islamic fundamentalism brings to a sharp point. It predominantly covers developments in Law in Medieval Western Christendom but includes some speculations regarding our contemporary situation too.
Reframing the Present: Secularisation and the Rule of Law - Spectre-Online